A successful training program is the best foundation for the future
Posted 28/06/2017

Educating the aerospace engineering experts of tomorrow is an important part of our ongoing business strategy.

Embracing young talent early on: The training program executed by Arrowsmith Engineering is focused on recruiting multiple interns every year, welcoming them into the team and teaching them practical skills. The company selects young people who are still actively pursuing their academic degrees and puts them in a position to learn from more experienced colleagues and handle professional equipment. The interns are selected based on their school grades and interests and are nurtured to become highly qualified workers who could one day be permanently hired by the company. During their stay in Arrowsmith, the interns are treated as normal team members and expected to perform their duties with the same kind of diligence that full time workers have to display.

Developing skills, collecting contacts: Participation in Arrowsmith’s training program opens doors for professional affirmation. It has been described as the perfect complement to the knowledge that can be picked up in a classroom. A period spent in the manufacturing halls of a company is a great way to develop work ethics and gain valuable experience, but also to establish some contacts in the industry and obtain a better understanding of the available opportunities.

Support from universities and private enterprises: The training program wouldn’t be possible without the support from various institutions that have a stake in professional empowerment of the students. Coventry University has been instrumental in providing access to the best engineering students, while Rolls Royce contributed financially towards the project. This alignment has proven to be well balanced. Participants are trained according to current practices and made familiar with engineering challenges that will mark the next couple of decades. This model will be further refined as it goes forward based on the feedback provided by those who have already completed it.