TGM are a precision CNC machining facility that place emphasis on providing customers with exceptional customer service and unrivalled quality.

Company profile 

Techni-Grind (Preston) Machining Ltd. was set up in 1998, and is based in Preston Lancashire, at the heart of the UK's premier aerospace manufacturing region.  

Having nearly 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry, we understand the need for continual improvement and commitment to investment.  Our engineers are dedicated to working in partnership with our customers. Seeking to continually improve manufacturing processes and techniques, we are always looking to drive down costs and lead time. 

Business orientation 
TGM specialise in long bed machining, with capability of up to 3.7metres in 3 axis and 2.8 metres in 5 axis, on both hard and soft metals. We have the engineering expertise to produce parts from billet, forgings and thin gauge material, and have the capability and experience of producing our own tooling, including complicated vacuum tooling, truly providing a total solution. 

Key strengths 
Profound engineering skills are the trademark of TGM, and our management takes good care that collective knowledge is constantly refreshed with new techniques and processes. As testament to this, our participation in the SC21 program, initiated at the beginning of the year has resulted in Bronze being awarded in July 2017. 

We have several large 3-axis and 5-axis machining centres, as well as small 3 & 5 axis capability.  We are able to program both offline using Catia V5 and for any AOG tactical requirements we can program conversationally on the machine.    

We are accomplished at engineering parts in the most cost effective way, utilising different techniques to reduce set up times and provide better materialisation.  We have even developed inspection processes to ensure minimal down time is achieved during first off inspection.      

A look towards the future 
Since the AS.G acquisition, new opportunities are now available to TGM.   With the financial backing of AS.G we are strongly positioned to provide our customers with the benefits of a group, specifically stability, financial resource and risk mitigation.  

Our long term goal is to become a key strategic partner, winning long term business packages with OEMs, Tier 1 & 2 customers in the civil and defence aerospace industries. To enhance and improve our best-in-class core competencies in long and short bed 5 axis machining whilst maintaining our proven reputation for world class customer service and total cost of acquisition competitiveness.  As part of AS.G this aim is realistic.

During 2017, TGM achieved a SC21 Bronze Award as part of their improvement programmes and they are now working on achieving the Silver standard.