Phoenix CNC are renowned for their AOG / speed shop support and offer a 24/7, 7 day, 365 day per year support in the machining and sub-assembly of Airbus Product.

Company profile

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Long Eaton Nottinghamshire, Phoenix CNC Engineering has been undergoing a rapid expansion thanks to its expedient and reliable delivery of sensitive parts for the aviation industry. As a key supplier to the Airbus supply chain  the company has a guaranteed market for its products and a status of a trusted supplier. Phoenix has one of the best speed shops in the UK which is open 24/7, as such, 100% on-time delivery rates are the golden standard the company follows, since delays are simply not acceptable in this field of work. The company currently employs 35 people is an investor of people. 

Business orientation
The companies core capability is the manufacture of complex CNC machining components, complete with an agile  AIPS compliant assembly capability  . It controls state-of-the-art facilities equipped with modern 3-axis and 5-axis work centres for multidimensional machining, with sufficient capacities to handle orders of any magnitude. In addition to the latest technology for manufacturing high-quality machine parts and up-to-date software solutions for automation of the process, Phoenix also has the capacity to conduct small-scale assembly operations on its own premises. When combined with considerable project management skills and impeccable quality controls, this capacity allows the company to transcend its role as a supplier and become a fully fledged strategic partner with a permanent place in the industry. 

Key strengths
Phoenix CNC specialise on both strategic and tactical programs in producing detail parts and sub assemblies to OEMs and their tier 1 suppliers. With machining capability up to 1.7 meters their expertise in both hard and soft metals Phoenix CNC have a reputation as a company which produces good quality product on time at a competitive price with excellent customer service.  

A look towards the future
After more than a decade of independent success, Phoenix CNC was strengthened by mergers with several other companies from the engineering field that today comprise AS.G group. The company is also undergoing a considerable upgrade of its manufacturing capacities. More than one million pounds worth of investments into new equipment was made in 2017, with another six machines expected to go online by the end of the year. The goal is to further develop their capability  with new machines planned to be introduced in the near future. 

Phoenix CNC specialise in producing detail parts and sub assemblies to OEM’s and their tier 1 suppliers.