Specialists in precision engineering, producing low number, high quality work, with the capacity to produce larger long-term runs. A nominated key supplier to the Aerospace industry. 

Company profile 

Arrowsmith Engineering enjoys the finest reputation in the engineering industry in Britain as a result of its sustained success over the past 50 years. 

This Coventry-based firm has a significant role in several high value industries (aerospace, energy, automotive) and counts numerous high-profile brands as its clients. Their excellent New Product Introduction process (NPI) enables the company to maintain its excellent reputation with trusted OEM’s, which has resulted in Arrowsmith winning orders from research and development (R &D) to the full production of complex precision machined components. The company is fully compliant with the SC21 standards, and has won the prestigious Silver Award within this program in recognition of its contribution to the stability of the supply chain in the aerospace industry. The award is well deserved, as Arrowsmith has been delivering critical parts for aviation engines for decades. 

Business orientation 
Industrial manufacturing of a wide range of metal products is the core competency of Arrowsmith since it’s inception, with full products cycle from development to delivery handled under the same roof. It is capable of performing, turning, milling, grinding and specialist services including thread rolling in DT and a range of hydraulic testing services. The products can be delivered either in low-volume series or in large batches, depending on the clients preference. Some of the materials use include; titanium, stainless steel and magnesium, well free cutting materials are also a possibility. Blue-chip clients such as Rolls-Royce, Meggit, Bombardier, Siemens, Eaton, ITP and GKN had given formal approvals to Arrowsmith, accepting it as a strategic supplier of critical parts on a permanent basis.

Key strengths 
Speedy delivery and professional service are the features that Arrowsmith well know before, but it is mainly a byproduct of several other factors such as superb machining technology into company control and well-defined manufacturing procedures. The engineers on hand able to recognise and fix any inherent problems with the design before mass production stage is reached, preventing catastrophic losses for the client. With the large NPI team, they also in position to oversee new projects from design to manufacturing, ensuring that every detail matches the specifications. Arrowsmith has full evidence of its expertise in the form of a AS9100, NADCAP, Savre 2, and SC21 Silver certificate shins, significantly boosting its profile in the industry circles and serving a strong evidence for winning the confidence of new clients.

A look towards the future 
Thanks to its training that follows the best talent from the University of Coventry and the MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) towards the company, the future looks very bright for Arrowsmith Engineering. Those young workers will learn the trade in a modern and safe environment, working on the latest machines that are continually upgraded as new technologies become available. With integration into the AS.G business system that started in late 2016 now nearly complete, Arrowsmith is ready to start a new chapter of its history and take on even greater challenges. Additional financial resources, common management vision and shared pool of knowledge are some of the reasons to believe this chapter will be just as successful as the ones that came before it.

Arrowsmith specialise in Turning, Milling, Thread Rolling and Grinding plus a range of NDT, CMM, Thread and Hydraulic pressure testing services.