A350 Keel Beam

Turnkey Design and manufacture package – the challenge was to reduce the weight of a mould tool which had previously been produced at 50 tonnes for the new A350-900 program.  

This was required to reduce internal costs of handling and autoclave heating. The Tool was to be produced in Invar 36 and a complete re- design was required. B&H Precision tooling successfully completed this task by delivering the Mould tool on schedule at a total weight of 35 tonnes. The lifecycle of the project was required in 18 months which in itself was a challenge with lead times on Invar on 6 month lead time. 

The in- house Project management skills and the ability to carry out their own fabrication proved to be vital in achieving this challenging delivery. Design teams worked around the clock to produce a concept with full transparency with the customer through PDR , CDR and FDR. 

Once all the stress calcalations and full design buy off had been achieved the workforce worked 3 shift patterns to meet this tight schedule.  

The part was machined on their 18 metre Butler Asquith machine with the project taking over 400 plus hrs to produce. Laser scanners were used to inspect the mould tool with all tolerances achieved. A comprehensive inspection report was produced and bought off at the facility in Greater Manchester prior to delivery . This package of work shows the turnkey capability  B&H Precision Tooling have from concept through to delivery. The project management, supply chain management , machining and inspection were all carried out in house demonstrating their strengths across commodity at their facility in Greater Manchester .