At AS.G, excellence is the only relevant standard.

We expect nothing but perfection from every employee, every product, and every business transaction.

At AS.G striving for operational excellence is our benchmark with a continuous improvement ethos embedded into all of our businesses. Being fully dedicated to this ideal enables us to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations in all aspects of our business.

Trusted supplier
We strive to be constantly recognised as a company that exceeds our customer expectations of quality, cost and delivery through long term agreements and partnerships.

In order to keep our performance at extremely high levels, the group continually invest in the modernisation of its capital equipment, capacities, capabilities, tools and people. Our commitment to Investors in people is absolute and helps us to overcome practical challenges with innovative solutions.

Global compliance
All of our products and services are fully compliant with international and customer specific quality standards. Our businesses/sites are compliant to AS9100/ISO9001.

Aggressive about innovationThe world of high tech manufacturing is moving at a relentless pace and companies that do not invest will be left behind. AS.G is committed to being at the vanguard of technological innovations, management processes and concepts and continually train and develop our people in the latest tools and techniques.

Fast-moving, flexible and agile By adopting the SC21 operational excellence model within each business we continue to evolve our internal structure and operating procedures to optimize service. It’s a constant learning and development program built around recognised world class tools that allow us to become agile and flexible whilst delivering world class levels of customer service.

Strategic thinking with a tactical readiness

We have been in the engineering business for a while and know very well that having along term vision is essential. However, we never lose sight of the field and approach every job with the same level of diligence and professionalism that we built our reputation on, asweare aware that a single tactical error could undo years of careful effort.